South Perth United Football Club


Reboot & Container recycling

REBOOT: Our club’s program for gifting and sharing of soccer boots and shin pads. You are welcome to take what you need and leave what you no longer use. You may want to leave boots and shin pads that your kid(s) have outgrown, and replace them with a larger pair for their rapidly growing feet! Hopefully this program can help save our club families the unnecessary cost of new soccer boots that may only last half a season, while also reducing waste. Any stock that is surplus to our club’s needs at mid-season will be donated to “Luke’s Boots for the Outback”, going to communities and children that will benefit from your unneeded boots.

CONTAINER RECYCLING: Every bin collected er recycling bins for the standard green rubbish bins, as rubbish creates more work for everyone! Please feel free to support our club iprovides our club a funding boost, and the bonus of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill through our club! But please don’t confuse the containn your container recycling efforts, by dropping containers off to our club bins, or using our Scheme ID when you visit the depot yourself.