Sponsors Promo from May 20th to 26th

Spinal Health Week is near, and Perth Wellness Centre is supporting the awareness of Spinal health.

Neck and back pain are not normal and need to be addressed early to prevent further damage and disease.

The spine is constantly under stress when playing sport by absorbing pressure, taking body impact with tackles, twisting and turning. We cannot stress enough the importance of a spinal health assessment to only treat back pain but also prevent future injuries for your members to continue playing the sport they love.

Prevention is the best cure! We invite all club members between 20th of May and 26th of May to attend Perth Wellness Centre as we are providing complimentary Spinal Health checks including;


  • Posture Photo and Analysis
  • Spinal and Muscle Assessments
  • Education on holistic Spinal Health
  • Personalised exercises

We have attached a Gift Voucher for you to pass onto your club members, family and friends to be used during this exciting week.
Your Health, Our Priority

Can you please circulate this information between all the members of the club?

Please call the clinic on 9321 1964 to book an appointment and mention you have the Spinal Health Week voucher.

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