About Hpright

HP RIGHT is a cloud and mobile app-based business management system designed and developed for Service Delivery.
Our solution can be set up and configured to fit any industry that offers a service to a customer. Example: Electrical, Construction, Repairs, Maintainance, Inspections etc.
Designed and developed in WA, we believe our solution works the way businesses work in Australia. It has everything you need to run your business: Quotes, Jobs, Customer Invoicing, Request For Quotes, Purchase Orders, Supplier Invoicing, Safety and Compliance Checklists, Timesheets etc.

Provide complete visibility to job tasks

By using our job management system and iPad app, you will be able to record all information related to a job on a single screen. The project admin staff will be able to estimate time, delivery dates and assign employees to carry out the work. We have looked into all key areas and functions related to a job/work-order.

Our system takes a top-down approach to planning, but a detailed bottom-up approach to managing the tasks. It ensures that the employees will always work with a simple and user-friendly computer system.

Its focus is to ensure that every task is recorded, actioned, and tracked. While doing so, we provide complete visibility to the job, for the customer as well as the employees

Core Functions

  • Manage Service Delivery – Quotes, Jobs, Customer Invoicing
  • Manage Procurement Process – Purchase Requests, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Supplier Invoicing
  • Tasks, Issues, Defects Management – Create tasks from all areas.
  • Manage Timesheets – Mobile Timeentry, Record at Job Level.
  • Manage Business Compliance – Powerful list function to configure for JSAs, test reslts, checklists.
  • Job Scheduling – drag & drop calendar.
  • Central communication with 360-degree view with all emails, updates found in one location.
  • Tablet and Phone Apps
  • Integrates with 3rd party apps such as Xero, Myob.
  • Custom designed reports – invoice, quotes, reporting